Business model based on family union and customer satisfaction...
Founders of Nisa Logistics, Sedri Çetin, Necmettin Çetin, and Şerif Çetin started their work life in 1985 in Mersin. 

Especially, they worked to meet the transportation needs of food sector. Founders of Nisa Logistics have worked in private sector for 10 years and in 1996, after a radical decision, they bought 50% share of ?EKSA? that has been in the sector for 10 years. 

In 2001, 100% shares of EKSA were sold to Founders of Nisa Logistic.

In 2007, while Eksa Logistic continues operations, there was the need to establish a new firm that would work in Turkey and globally with more corporate structure to meet intense demands from firms 
and foundations of Nisa Logistics was laid. 

With establishment of Nisa Logistics, activity area broadened and in addition to main port cities of Turkey, the company started to offer services in different locations. After the establishment, to meet the demands, machine park was increased 5 fold and customer portfolio was broadened. These developments and new leadership roles obliged restructuring in the firm. 

Within this scope, in 2018, the company completed corporate identity and branding as well as modern financial reporting and business definition processes. 

During all these processes, Nisa Logistics, Nisa Greenhouse, and Nisa Smartfarming brands were created under Nisa Global.